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Controlling Displeasure

We live in an unfair world and that’s reality. There is no doubt a lot of people are cruel no complete control over them. It’s frustrating and draining our positive energy. Instead of living a comfortable life, we are displeased with a persons or situations. There is no reason to be hopeless but I know…

By jerichvc January 6, 2017 0

Simple Perks of Being Kind to Vendors

I wrote about respect from the last post and this time I’m going to share about kindness. Being kind is showing compassion and sincerity. Being kind is one key ingredient in living a positive life. Kindness is defined: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Kindness has the power to touch lives. Around 5:40pm,…

By jerichvc January 5, 2017 0

Respect and Seniority

When we age, or grow old, we change. In fact, people change because that’s our nature. I once encountered a person demanding respect because of her age. According to her, I must show respect because she is older than me. She wants anyone who had offended her will apologize and must respect her ways. I…

By jerichvc January 4, 2017 0