Key Ingredients of Love

March 1, 2019 0 By jerichvc

Valka to Astrid from HTTYD3 Movie
“Do you still believe him? …Then help him realize the truth.”

This is one way on how to boost someone sulking from insecurities, self doubt and building up their spirit back to their feet. Keep reading to know why.

First is to believe. You can’t use doubt as foundation for strength and morale. Vision the future by believing and requires a bit of faith because you have to claim what you don’t see.

Second is to affirm. Words are powerful and when used to deliver a message, it will penetrate even the close minded person. Choose to affirm because it will solidify what you know and manifest naturally.

Last is trust. You can’t fake this to a person and when you release trust it should be solid and unwavering. Trust is not just earned, it is given freely.

To believe, to affirm and to trust are key ingredients of love. You rescue not only a person but also his soul. Let them realize that. – jvc