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Student Forever

Let me share my secret. I learn from other’s perfections or mistakes directly and indirectly. I read books, observe, listen, communicate to “all walks of life”, create bonds and make new friends. In today’s DIY (do-it-yourself) mindset, majority will not acknowledge or recognize their mentor because pride and ego prevents it. It is written, “Nothing…

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Pride and Retirement

I observed that some retiring professionals during their prime were full of knowledge and confidence. After gaining age and experience they become addicted to recognition and self entitlement. If you allow this to happen then you are closing your doors to a key ingredient in life which is learning. Remember this: An open heart, open…

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Learn Together

There is so much to learn in life and we only have limited resources like time and energy. I believe the best approach is to focus on what you are called to do, surround yourself with passionate individuals to complement you and set aside fear. To learn, we need others just as they need us.

By jerichvc February 24, 2018 0