Black and White Keys in Piano and Life

Black and White Keys in Piano and Life

March 11, 2019 0 By jerichvc

Ever wonder why piano keys are black and white in color not red or blue or yellow?

Historically, the original materials used were ebony – a dense black hardwood, and ivory – a white material from tusks (elephants).

In music, white keys are natural-sound and black keys are described as sharps and flats. The relation between white and black keys when played together makes a magical sound.

Black and White Keys

White keys represents major points and choices we made up to the present. Your education, goals, dreams and ambitions. If you look at them, they are the highlights when you try to review your past. These are the glorious moments you achieved.

Black keys represents the turning points, transition periods or crossroads where you needed to walk by faith and be bold in your decision to take risk. These are half-steps, sharps or flats of your life. This is the time where you are contemplating to leave your job or shifting to a new course, marrying someone dear to you, or deciding to go abroad or not.

Both black and white keys in our life are important.

You need black and white keys to live your OWN life and play a beautiful music for others to hear. Blend your ups and downs, your failures and success to build a better you.

We own our black and white keys and no one else can play for us and know it better except you. Go ahead and write your life song.

  • Taken last January 2019 in a mall somewhere in Makati.