3 Proven Ways to Learn

There are models and ways on how humans learn and allow me to share mine through personal experience. Three Proven Ways to Learn: 1. Visual – We naturally pick-up faster when we see how it is done from other people. Kids emulate our actions when they see it. In the marketplace, “copy-paste” is the way…

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GOT: Get Out and Travel

GOT. Get Out and Travel. Yes – It’s not about the fantasy drama series. Some interesting points I learned and experienced: 1. I was off my desk during stock market hours so I can’t trade stocks. However, I was able to trade smiles, stories and chat with strangers and to me this is priceless, no…

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Simple 3 D’s of life

Do yourself a favor by observing this 3 Ds: 1. Disconnect from some people 2. Distance from social media or online life 3. Diversion of passion and interests Let me explain: 1. When you “disconnect”, you have the opportunity to meet new set of contacts and take a break from exisiting relationship to possible toxicity…

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Always Respond with Grace

I encountered a profit-driven business man (food business) few hours ago and when he started to enforce business rules over customer service it feels awkward and inconvenient for me as a customer. I was unaware and humbly complied because it was an honest mistake. Paid my penalty and I quickly apologized. There are times we…

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Comfort Zone and Change

The current generation is fast paced because we are in the “Information Age”. That means data is knowledge and knowledge is power. We have the ability to discover, maximize and use this power but there are also moments we cannot escape. Let me remind you two constant things. Let’s make it three: 1. Life is…

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Easy Investing

The concept of investing is supposed to be easy. No need to make it technical and complicated because if we do, then we scare potential investors and people remain plain consumers the rest of their lives. -jvc

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