Power of Negative Overthinking

Power of Negative Overthinking

January 11, 2017 1 By jerichvc

Overthinking will not make you genius. If you think too much and look on negative side, you have a real problem. Looking around and you see all the imperfect and wrong things? Friend, you better change your perspective – you are sick.

Always see the good side.

The moment you notice some negative and then overthink, channel and convert that to a positive one. It won’t hurt to appreciate what is good and ignore little or big things not pleasing to you.

When you hear a news, you get upset even if its already good.

Listening to a song, you try to criticize the melody and the lyrics.

Someone walking pass you, you notice how awful his fashion is.

Taste some food? You dislike and complain about its flavor.

You saw and heard a preacher a while ago? You immediately rebuke him because all is wrong, verses are incorrect, interpretation is false.

Read a newspaper, article or a blog post? The grammar police in you woke up and grumble about the choice of words used.

Are you designed to see the negative side of God’s creation? Then you’re a “Negatron”.

Avoid believing and saying, “the problem is…”

Our mind has the power to change things, and if our mind see’s the negative then we pollute our own soul.

A lot of negative overthinkers survive and has little or no results at all. Fear is their best friend and no success is near them because they are scared to try and afraid to fail!

Instead of trial and error, they complain and quit.

What to do to avoid negative overthinking:

  1. Appreciate more and speak the language of love
  2. Keep yourself occupied with good stuff
  3. Minimize thinking and be quick in deciding
  4. Accept we are not in complete control
  5. Be with positive minded (optimistic) people

With a limited time to live, let go of your negative overthinking. There is no benefit if we keep living in fear, complain, doubt, criticism and pessimism.

Stop being a whiner. You think you can’t change your perspective and become a positive thinker? Of course, you can 100 percent! Been there, done that.