Trick or Treat or Threat?

November 2, 2019 0 By jerichvc

For the past few weeks I positioned myself and set my mind to learn from Entrepreneurs engaged in various field and industry. There are tricks, treats and threats I personally experienced and I extracted insights from it so please allow me to share.

There is a thin line between business life and personal life. We mostly interact via socmed (social media) and reactions, emojis or engagements has nothing to do with people “hearting” your product means they “heart” you in person. It simply means they love your product or service or socmed content. If they forgot to share or react to your page post about your product then don’t rant and take it personally. Real customers and clients buy from you even if they didnt “like” your FB post but because it is valuable. Another thing I learned: promoting events not marketing ego. A set of people were uneasy of not featured on the “stage”. The trick is to shine together as one not as narcissist. Entrepreneurship is a process not a pageant.

One business person shared his sentiments while observing his booth in a trade fair, “I get to know more and spend quality time with my partner and our business together”. I witnessed event organizers and leaders work hand in hand in unfamiliar place and people and still make it grand as possible. It is such a treat to know guys out there are sacrificing and then share the glory as a team.

Let me say this boldly and clearly. From my POV, If an entrepreneur classifies all entity around him as competitor or threat then he will not survive or even thrive. We are naturally designed to co-exist so magnify the reasons that connects businesses together instead of comparing that leads to division. At some point we don’t just use our head – start using your heart.

That’s it for now, see you in my next post.
Cheers! -jvc