Simple 3 D’s of life

March 20, 2019 0 By jerichvc

Do yourself a favor by observing this 3 Ds:

1. Disconnect from some people
2. Distance from social media or online life
3. Diversion of passion and interests

Let me explain:

1. When you “disconnect”, you have the opportunity to meet new set of contacts and take a break from exisiting relationship to possible toxicity and unrest. Relationships need vacation too to grow naturally. Be dynamic and avoid a boring life, it is alright to disconnect from time to time.

2. Distance from online life through social media means you watch and focus on priority and important things while you stay away from “time-wasters” like videos, entertaining comments and non-sense viral posts. Life outside facebook or instagram etc is bigger and better. Social life is greater than social media.

3. Diversion of passion means discovering new things outside your comfort zone or professional zone. Focus is good but giving yourself a good diversion spices your corporate or business life.

Want a new discovery or a new self? Try diverting some of your “taste” and see yourself bloom with surprising or unexpected results. Your passion is unlimited, don’t contain it.

There’s my share for tonight and see you on my next post ? – jvc