GOT: Get Out and Travel

GOT: Get Out and Travel

April 17, 2019 0 By jerichvc

GOT. Get Out and Travel. Yes – It’s not about the fantasy drama series.

Some interesting points I learned and experienced:

1. I was off my desk during stock market hours so I can’t trade stocks. However, I was able to trade smiles, stories and chat with strangers and to me this is priceless, no losses just pure gains. Oh, I got a lot of nods and warm gestures from people I don’t even know. The last time I experienced this? my zipper is open 🙂

2. Traveling is an opportunity to look for different perspectives even if some places are already familiar – look for a new angle! I revisited places that reminds me of God’s favor 19 years ago and things were different with lots of improvement. Development happens and good to see progress in the northern part too.

3. Travel breaks the mundane work in our comfort zone specially our busy minds. Did you know that going to places you’ve never been rewrites or overwrites your failures and bad memories? The reason is that our senses are picking up fresh views and will be “trending” in our brains instead of hurts that are sometimes difficult to forget.

We really have to build our travel life and make it meaningful. I got so many ideas and insights while driving and conversing with my travel buddies and select people on the road. I’ll be sharing them to you soon.

You know YOLO (You Only Live Once), YAGO (You Also Grow Old)

Introducing LOTO: Live Once Travel Often. #LOTO