3 Proven Ways to Learn

April 21, 2019 0 By jerichvc

There are models and ways on how humans learn and allow me to share mine through personal experience.

Three Proven Ways to Learn:

1. Visual – We naturally pick-up faster when we see how it is done from other people. Kids emulate our actions when they see it. In the marketplace, “copy-paste” is the way to go. Professionals copy one another but only innovators and originals will stand out. Notice the info-graphics, charts and visuals spreading in social media?

Yes – it delivers well to majority of its audience. Our lifestyle is the prime example, how we live reveals how we learned in the past. Don’t forget we are a living testimony and shine wherever you go.

Bonus part: 2 types of CCTVs, living things and non-living things 🙂

2. Aural / Auditory – We learn by hearing and listening. Spoken words are powerful only when the listener is able to process the information positively. These days, it’s how we interpret and comprehend spoken words that will change the game.

Always listen with discernment and filter information to discard garbage and absorb what is beneficial to you. Train your ears and keep it sharp by listening more and talking less.

3. Kinaesthetic – Sometimes called as tactile learning – This is learning by action and requires body movements to process new information. I know you are familiar with “Practice what you preach”. Execution is sometimes hard and it takes time, tears and tools to develop.

One time I had Skype conference with 2 awesome designers I know, Imelda and Dot. I’m clearing my task list and it was a challenge for me. “Take baby steps and one-by-one you’ll finish it.” – that’s how I learned too by execution – slowly and surely with action.

This is how my superpower work. 3 simple ways and a work-in-progress which serves me well.

I heard this first from Jim Rohn while traveling:

“If knowledge is power then learning is your superpower”.

Jim Rohn

Cheers and thanks for reading. – jvc