Time for Extra Activities

Time for Extra Activities

January 7, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Make time for extra activities any stretch of the day. Dedicate some extra hours for your hobby, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work or random tasks. An hour or 2 will be used to refuel your soul from the stress and don’t deprive yourself from it.

Setting up some time for extra activities will benefit your body, balance your mental health, kill boredom and stay productive.

Good for the Health.

Over work will consume up your energy. These days, a lot of professionals, or work at home guys perform Zumba. Folks go out in their yard to water the plants and cultivate it. I walk around here in our subdivision and sometimes ride my Japanese bike and meet old and new faces. Those extra times for spare activities are not put into waste because as you go out, your body will adjust in a new environment, get you fresh air and will inspire you.

Mental Balance

A little break of walking around, playing some mini-games, doodle art or listening to music is good for our health. If I am doing some web coding or maybe working on photoshop files and I got blank on my mind – I usually talk to neighbors or visit the nearest mall. A little bit of switching channel from daily tasks or routine will give us the much-needed break.

Don’t be afraid to express what you love and like to do. If you can save or at least adjust you schedule and we’re overly consumed, then we may suffer and I think they call it mental block.

Kill Boredom and Stay Productive

Learning new things on spare time usually results to great ideas. Boredom is a hurdle in our own life purpose. It’s like a life trap or maybe a comfort zone where nonsense exists. The more you nurse your boredom the faster you waste your time.

Discover new things and start reading books you think is helpful. Be wise to choose what book you read though because not all we read is beneficial to us.

Again, don’t spend too much time with Facebook or in social media. Go get some real social life. Talk to real people. Call your friends, folks or even disturb your enemies and reconcile with them.

Best ideas are born when we least expect it. But you must at least dedicate some time to do extra activities and trigger ideas and inspire yourself along the way.

Read more often.

Minimize watching dramas.

Stay away from mainstream media, news and entertainment.

Avoid gossiping and talking about other people.

Mind your own business.

And the list may go on and on.

Don’t be anxious to try and be productive with your time. Do something that is worth remembering even if its classified as “extra”. Remember we have limited time here on earth so make every little time count.

Get out of your life drama and break the cycle of a boring life.

Accessories your life with little but meaningful activities. You will be surprised to see those simple works yield great results over time.