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Always Respond with Grace

I encountered a profit-driven business man (food business) few hours ago and when he started to enforce business rules over customer service it feels awkward and inconvenient for me as a customer. I was unaware and humbly complied because it was an honest mistake. Paid my penalty and I quickly apologized. There are times we…

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Key Ingredients of Love

Valka to Astrid from HTTYD3 Movie “Do you still believe him? …Then help him realize the truth.” This is one way on how to boost someone sulking from insecurities, self doubt and building up their spirit back to their feet. Keep reading to know why. First is to believe. You can’t use doubt as foundation…

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Inspiration is from within

Are you stuck? Take baby steps to have a sense of completion. Start with short-term goals and move on carefully to your medium and long-term goals. You can inspire yourself by reminding the inner you of your goals. Always keep your foundation strong, no need for short-cuts.

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Lessons from the Past

Our past exist to inspire our present life and fuel our future – goals and ambitions. Holding on to history robs us of our full potential. I realized If you live in fear, hesitation and you’re not a risk taker then you’re a fool and a failure. Quoting Robin Sharma, “The only failure is not…

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What is Love

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love. FHL. One of my favorite verse in the bible. Most of us will observe today February 14 as Valentine’s Day but to some it’s just a regular day – myself included. Allow me to share my thoughts about love. Every day…

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Listen first before reacting

I’m supposed to pick up Joanne at 8pm. I tried to call her that I’ll be late. I was rejected and I’ve better explain myself why I’m not on time. Some old lady came over our house for help because of a disturbing neighbor. She even cried because no one seems to assist her and…

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