2019: Rediscover

2019: Rediscover

December 26, 2019 0 By jerichvc

Welcome to closing week of 2019.

Are we finishing it strong?

For a 1 year goal set last 2018 they said we should finish strong. But if we have goals that takes more than a year to complete then you and I should keep moving forward with determination.

To me, 2019 is a breakthrough and inspirational year.

I met new people and faces, started dreams that were shelved years ago, survived drama and nonsense, pressured but not shaken, I witnessed how leaders work, received grace from my clients and professional circle, mystery and surprises everyday, personal downturns and upturns, deadlines, new collaborations, lost and found my purpose.

Now I can say my 2019 theme is “Rediscover”.

There are things still left unsaid and undone – my sincere apologies. I’m still on track.

This closing week is a period of reheating foods from Christmas eve, unli-spaghetti? Lechon paksiw?

Allow me to reheat my passion. Like the Christmas foods I mentioned earlier, too much is bad and will never be enough.

This is the message I received: “Simplify to avoid spoilage”.

Cheers to you and your 2019! – jvc