Why Support Group is Essential

Why Support Group is Essential

January 13, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Strong people need to build a durable support that originate in family, friends or sometimes even strangers. In a relationship, if you are not at peace with your partner, the best moral support you can get will be from trusted friends and of course your immediate family.

Your wife or husband or partner can be your best friend and your best enemy at the same time. So, establish your “support group” when the going gets tough.

Expect our life journey will be full of ups and downs. The advantage is we have the freedom to choose the right individuals and ride it.

What to look for in building your support group

  1. Must be honest or transparent
    Be ready to hear strong words to wake you up of your mistakes. We need someone who is not hypocrite and be able to tackle issues head on.
  2. Different combination of personality and mindset
    Cover all types of personality and if you are aware of your weakness, look for someone you believe will cover it for you. Consider unique mindset of your support group for a better perspective. Life is like a painting so find a friend to color your world.
  3. Reliable, easy to approach or accessible
    A dependable and easy to connect with is a good point. If you’re in an emergency and you need to call someone you need – accessibility is important specially if its urgent.
  4. Values your privacy and confidentiality
    You don’t want your life to be in public spot light. How do you know if he or she respects privacy? If a secret from another friend is already leaked or shared to you or others, that’s a warning sign. Look for someone that has good ethics.
  5. Willing to listen and gives moral support
    If we are troubled, we talk and think a lot – even overthinking. We need someone who is willing to listen to our concerns even if its redundant or repetitive. A person that listens and knows how to communicate well is an asset.
  6. Mediates and must be constructive
    You can find someone who is willing to make peace and mediate for you. They must be disciplined to be fair and see the good side of what is happening around you.
  7. Solid spiritual foundation
    Solid means firm on his belief. Not necessarily perfect or sinless but at least knows his/her ways in spiritual perspective. He or she must not be a fanatic of a leader, religion, sect or group. A realistic and balanced views on the spiritual level is great.

Every challenge will break us and whether we like it or not, we need a support group. We are designed to help one another and co-exist.

No man is born to be self-sufficient.

Surround yourself with your own dream team.

You may have trouble with finances, your health, in your career or you’ve got no job and you feel depressed and hopeless. Try to reconnect with your support group and don’t ignore little things. Their encouragement is essential to get you moving. A modest hi and hello may change their mood or even inspire them.

It’s not just about you building your own support group – but you supporting them unconditionally.

Here is a scenario: You have a little problem and you are contemplating to contact an awesome friend and you have no clue what to say. You tried to reconnect and get some updates on what’s going on. As you exchange information, you realized he or she is in bigger trouble and you identified some issues that needs to be addressed. Now you both tried to share ideas and give moral support to one another. It was a quick update but both were relieved and encouraged.

The good part? You maximized your own support (group) and you supported them too. That’s what friends are for, right?

Start being a blessing to others by setting an example of supporting.

God speaks through you and through them. Be sensitive to see the lesson and the message being delivered.

Instead of you asking for support, start supporting them. It doesn’t matter if its small or big, as long as it’s true, sincere and with a good intention.

We are instructed to give and the best gift is not only money but moral support. Let them know they can go through everything.

We can do it together.