Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is a Choice

January 25, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Why is it so hard to be happy for yourself if you have the ability to create it for yourself? Happiness is influenced from the inside – from yourself. In times of crisis or trials or even in the midst of problems, we’ve got to see the bright side and stay away from what makes and keeps us lonely.

Guilt and frustrations are manageable and we just have to strongly convince ourselves that we have the right and the privilege of smiling even if things are difficult.

Your past, your boss, your teammate or even your sins will devour the gift of happiness that we deserve. Unfortunately, people these days are so sarcastic and they like discouraging others to bring people down and remain in a drama filled life.

Too much negative overthinking blinds us of our power to decide that all things will pass and will become past. Change is required if we want genuine happiness. That means shifting every emotion to see and magnify the portions of our lives that will nourish us.

To live in negativity and sadness is a lonely place where life is so miserable. Be sure to choose what is right by influencing yourself and then affect others to release positivity.

I remember a time when I was alone and I started to entertain bad thoughts and got worried. Pain started to seep in, doubt clouded my mind and unbelief is depressing me. Sometimes we look back and we thought self-pity is the only way. It is very difficult and I won’t recommend it of course.

That experience motivated me to always see the bright side and become an advocate of positive thinking.

Sadness is not the absence of happiness, it is the condition of not improving life and wasting it.

We all have the power to cultivate in us a bright feeling that radiates.

How do we regain our happiness?

  1. Think of good things that happened in your life. You can also create new deeds according to your style and make others happy. Help them in simple ways. Visit them and start giving away happiness for free. If you need happiness, you must start giving it first even if you feel like you’re down. This will condition you to reboot your mind and do what is essential and worth your effort and time.
  2. Get out of your cave of sadness and live in the light. Expose yourself to trusted friends or maybe try strangers just to make it different.
  3. Hope that all things will be good for you. You know about faith, hope and love. You can regain happiness by hoping and believing that no matter what happens – everything has its own positive reason and purpose.
  4. Entertain yourself. Do something you love, if you get bored then do something you really hate. This will give you a different perspective and will add some spark. How about dance or sing in the midst of your drama? We are creative and not lonely creatures anyway. So, get the right entertainment for you.

Enough blaming yourself or others if you are unhappy. Look and walk around and start removing those toxic, grudges, bitterness and hurt that you’ve been carrying all along.

Choose happiness because it’s easy and free.

Don’t be gloomy, be blooming.

The truth is, we are free from sadness and we have no big reason not to be happy.

Happiness is a gift – it is free and that’s what life is meant to be.