Comfort Zone and Change

The current generation is fast paced because we are in the “Information Age”. That means data is knowledge and knowledge is power. We have the ability to discover, maximize and use this power but there are also moments we cannot escape. Let me remind you two constant things. Let’s make it three: 1. Life is…

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Easy Investing

The concept of investing is supposed to be easy. No need to make it technical and complicated because if we do, then we scare potential investors and people remain plain consumers the rest of their lives. -jvc

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Key Ingredients of Love

Valka to Astrid from HTTYD3 Movie “Do you still believe him? …Then help him realize the truth.” This is one way on how to boost someone sulking from insecurities, self doubt and building up their spirit back to their feet. Keep reading to know why. First is to believe. You can’t use doubt as foundation…

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Enough With Excuses

I observed a lot of Filipinos have issues following rules and regulations, laws, policies, guidelines or simple house rules. The classic excuse that I have been receiving most of the time: “Bakit kami lang dapat lahat, bakit yung iba…” Is it self entitlement? Lack of discipline? Sometimes we don’t follow, we disobey and we go…

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Deprivation fuels ambition

At some point in his life, Rex Mendoza envied his classmates with watches and good shoes. Realizing that “Deprivation fuels ambition” he also said, “There has to be a balance between financial discipline and fueling your dreams”. Rex now boast a collection of time pieces as expensive as cars and the rest is “his story”.…

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Living simple and uncomplicated

I vividly remember in grade 2 when Mom bought me 8 oz. Royal soft drinks for my favorite subject – recess. Feeling blessed, I transferred it to plastic bottle just to be sure it’s mine. Few minutes later it tumbled on the floor, broke my heart and thought about the money wasted – “sayang”. Went…

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