Enough With Excuses

February 27, 2019 0 By jerichvc

I observed a lot of Filipinos have issues following rules and regulations, laws, policies, guidelines or simple house rules. The classic excuse that I have been receiving most of the time: “Bakit kami lang dapat lahat, bakit yung iba…”

Is it self entitlement? Lack of discipline? Sometimes we don’t follow, we disobey and we go overboard and pretend to be lord – above anyone or anything.

It’s human nature to think of yourself first and disregard anyone who isn’t helpful or beneficial to you. That’s sad and overtime it will backfire and will affect you, your future generation and people around you.

Why not simply abide and make our world easy to live in? Enough with excuses and nonsense reasoning. Set a good example, easy? Yes of course. -jvc