Living simple and uncomplicated

February 2, 2019 0 By jerichvc

I vividly remember in grade 2 when Mom bought me 8 oz. Royal soft drinks for my favorite subject – recess. Feeling blessed, I transferred it to plastic bottle just to be sure it’s mine. Few minutes later it tumbled on the floor, broke my heart and thought about the money wasted – “sayang”. Went outside and told her the bad news, she bought another then I felt relieved and comforted.

I was aware of our financial status at that time, middle class and a little high above poverty level. Every cent or peso counts so we spend on important things. Fast forward today – I can buy soft drinks to my heart’s content this time with a sense of responsibility and equipped with how money works from both worldly and spiritual perspective.

Little details makes us happy and being joyful with or without cash is meaningful. Bring back that feeling of innocence and purity and don’t pressure yourself to “adulting” or cares of this world. Live it simple and uncomplicated. Yes, recess is still my favorite subject. – jvc