Why I don’t teach Art Lessons to kids

Why I don’t teach Art Lessons to kids

February 8, 2019 0 By jerichvc

Warning: This post might hurt you if you’re a parent / guardian. Read on if you dare.

A lot of people asked me why I don’t teach art lessons to kids (Yes, I belong to a family of creative artists and it runs in our blood).

At that time I wasn’t ready to answer them without hurting their feelings and I just respond back with a smile. Let me fire back with real and bitter reasons why I don’t.

  1. Over protective parents/guardians – I encouraged a young boy to play with colors and learn painting but he was not allowed to go out of their house. Sad to hear words to contain their kids overly protected like inside a jar. Some parents won’t leave their kids in school because of fear – too much unhealthy attachment! Did you know that when kids are busy doing arts there is no bullying? Some parents don’t even like their kids’ hand or clothing to get “dirty” with art materials like water-based paint. I almost forgot, parents wait for long hours just outside the classroom door just to keep an eye of their precious little ones. Set some space and let them grow. Over protection hinders creativity.
  2. Self-Entitled parents/guardians – Parents are consumed by competition. You often see awards or high grades posted in social media or facebook and tagging all their god parents, relatives, teachers and friends. YES it is alright to post great memories through pictures/videos. The moment a parent becomes arrogant, priveleged, narcissistic, envious or triggered – that becomes a problem. After art sessions, parents want their kids to be on top of art classes above every classmates. Learn to appreciate every detail. There is no competition in expressing creativity for kids so please stop comparing their artworks and just appreciate their output. Art classes is a process, we start them young with a solid foundation and we build their creativity without building their ego.
  3. Irresponsible parents/guardians – Parents get busy making money and won’t support their kids doing art. You may be rich as a parent that supports your family financially, but your money is only meaningful if you support their interests. Parents don’t even trust art teachers because of fear. Honestly speaking – they are weak and there are weak parents out there living in fear. Weak parents prefer their kids to be stuck on gadgets jailed in a room instead of going out and making some artworks. Support them and at least get involved too.

What is my strategy?

I stir up their imagination to achieve creative freedom. Free from pressure of “Do this, do that” mentality. If you are over protective, self entitled and irresponsible parent or guardian then I challenge you to change your mindset and your heart. Maybe take some parenting classes instead.

Kids are not robots and influencing them with simple words of encouragement through visual arts is fulfilling. I choose my students with cooperative parents.

Visual art as we all know is a tool in raising up disciplined and responsible kids – it is powerful!

– Jerich

For me, I open up their soul to see the beauty of life through art.

Remember this:

We are creative creatures patterned from a master Creator.