The Importance of “Religious Belief” and Personal Finance

The Importance of “Religious Belief” and Personal Finance

October 7, 2018 0 By jerichvc

“Religious belief” is an important factor in managing our personal finances. Yes, it can also make or break and shape our lifestyle because money is a tool. A person seeking advice from a mentor or a teacher on budgeting or personal finance management is most likely getting inspiration from a spiritual reference, in example the Bible.

Why is it important?

  1. Your Guide – There are various principles we can pickup and apply in every teachings regardless of your spiritual reference or source. The most common is the concept of stewardship. If you practice stewardship, then your personal finance will be on track and disciplined.
  2. Your Foundation – Knowing the origin and purpose of wealth is an advantage. If you know your foundation well, then your personal finance will be solid and unshakable.
  3. For Connection – Relationship is vital. If you belong to a group sharing the same set of spiritual confidence, then you have an immediate support group. You can freely discuss your struggles or share your strategy on personal finance. We can’t live on our own – connect well.

“Religious belief” is a very broad topic. I decided to keep it simple and focus on basic importance for our personal finance.