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Stop Complaining and be Grateful

I was driving around and noticed a familiar lady showing signs of displeasure. She’s a known complainant in our ‘hood with a reputation of bugging her neighbors with unnecessary comments and murmurs. I once handled her case and suggested to settle it peacefully and predicted 99% she’ll lose in local court. I was right after…

By jerichvc September 24, 2018 0

Inspiration from Ray Allen

From Ray Allen’s Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech “I learned in life that our kids pay attention to everything we do, everything we say and everything we don’t say, and everything we don’t do. So I have to be an example to these young people at all times and we got to make sure that…

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Humility and Sincerity

Yesterday I completed an impossible task of negotiating a personal request from a patient to Administration. The accommodating secretary asked how I am related to the patient. I honestly said I came as a messenger then I added, “If that does not count, lets just say friends”. With few words of positivity – I relayed…

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Unity is better than Division

Life is short to spend it in dividing people with unique ideas. I learned years ago that one key in fulfilling our goals was to focus on unity not opinions on division. If we practice it in our homes, churches, offices, politics or even social media then life would be easier and peaceful to live…

By jerichvc August 29, 2018 0

Money is Not Everything

I read a post regarding inflation, crumbling economy and some market crashes. It reminds me when God created the world, no cash, no crypto or whatever – man will naturally survive. When “profit” becomes priority it will corrupt even the holiest heart. Money is not everything.

By jerichvc August 27, 2018 0