Cooperation is better than competition

Cooperation is better than competition

March 18, 2018 0 By jerichvc

“Cooperation is better than competition. ” – JVC

We were connected for a reason at the right time and at the right place. Our purpose in taking the RFP program differs from one another and I like that. Let me share my thoughts. I remember after our certificate of completion is given, 2 important persons asked me about why I took the program. My first answer: I wanted to give a better advise to people needing my help on personal finance instead of giving away ‘garbage’ information. My second answer is simpler: It is my calling.

It is your “calling” too.

At this point its just the beginning of our professional journey as RFP batchmates. We have a case-study and presentation and another possible book project. BTW – Mr. Henry Ong encourages us to do it.

Let me remind you about the quote above. Look for strength from your batchmate if you think that’s your weakness. Maximize every connection. I am aware we can’t do everything alone. Wise words from our speaker ringing on my head? – we need a team. His message: as an RFP, you will need a CPA, a lawyer, insurance agent, an estate or tax planner and many more professionals to help you as a real financial planner.

I see you – my batchmates making impact to each their own clients, customers, patients, family and friends. Keep going. Move in a positive direction. If we don’t know something, start asking questions. I realized from the trainings that the more we got curious, the hungrier we get for learning and then the bonus part – we earn.

Let’s go and touch lives because it’s worth it.

Compete only with yourself not with others. In this way, we are investing in professional or business relationships. We are free to connect, reconnect or even disconnect. Remember our short chats, humor, selfies, snacks and of course tea and coffee we shared.

Sooner or later we’ll meet again. Some time we’ll bump to each other. Thank you and see you around.