Encounter with Single Motorcycles

Encounter with Single Motorcycles

February 6, 2017 0 By jerichvc

On my way to a gas station, a single motorcycle hit my right-side mirror. Good thing it was a micro damage and no major scratch or dent. I immediately pulled over and set my eyes on the fleeing motorcycle driver and his back ride. They hid in a store and of course I’ve got to locate them and ask his side.

He was nervous and shaking. I asked if he’s aware and asked for an explanation. They were rushing and apologized. I asked him to talk on the side so I won’t embarrass him just in case. He said he has no ID and no driver’s license. The single motor was borrowed and he refused for a picture at first but then agreed on after convincing him.

During our conversation, I am avoiding rage and bad emotions control me. I politely told him that his picture will not go viral and I will not post it in social media. It will serve as a big lesson to him for sure.

That’s how I tackled that issue. I choose to forgive and make friends from that moment. He accepts his mistake and said sorry. I shook hands and gave a tip to better drive wisely next time. No need to exaggerate the event. His life is much important than car.

Another instance on my way home. A speeding single motor cut me. Driving fast inside a subdivision, he took a left turn to escape. I took the next left block to confront him and asked why he drove that fast. He was unaware and didn’t notice me. I gave a strong demand to drive slower inside a subdivision and drive safely. He was sorry and shocked and learned his moral as I let him drive away.

I am not a traffic enforcer by profession but I am a big follower of road courtesy. From my past experience with single motors, most of them drive like a devil. They can filter traffic, drive on the shoulders and get between cars easily. Don’t forget the unconventional parking style of single motors. I find it really weird.

Bring your patience, courtesy and discipline every travel.

Please consider road safety and of course everyone’s safety. We are encouraged to share the road even to bikers even if they don’t share LTO fees for road repairs and constructions.

From the last 2 encounters with single motor drivers. I showed them a bit of compassion by not reporting them to law enforcers. I gave them chance and who knows we may encounter them again somewhere.

We travel and drive to gain friends not enemies. I was showing them how to be gentleman and be listeners on the road every time accidents happen. Looking on the positive side, not all issues are resolved in rage and anger. Encounters are best tackled in peace and positivity. Drive safe everyone!