When Actions Speak Louder than Words

When Actions Speak Louder than Words

February 1, 2017 0 By jerichvc

I observed that people learn better from what they see than what they hear. Children at school will pick up lessons faster if teachers use visual aids and demonstrations. Kids at home will absorb wisdom from their parents or guardians from what they see. Church members believes their pastor by looking at his lifestyle and actions compared to listening to his preaching.

Experience is the best teacher but to be a real-life testament is the best mentor.

As they say, action speaks louder than words.

Our actions in our marketplace delivers a strong message to our peers. Our movements, gestures, facial expressions or any actions done are inspired by a simple intention.

We may have the best intention but without action, it is still incomplete.

Set a living example for others to see and learn.

You want to teach positivity? Set an example.

Do you want other to learn discipline? Show them how it is done.

You want to experience love and respect? Freely express and give it.

In any circumstance, keep in mind people around you will see your action but will not know your real intention. Relay a positive message to everyone on how you treat them. This way, they get to understand you more.

I know some guys with good words and good intention but when it comes to action and reality, they fail. I assume you are familiar with the saying, “practice what you preach.

We were born innocent and it’s our nature that actions we see and experience will be stored in our memory longer. Think about the good deeds done to you. Remember your classmate allowing you to copy his assignment, project or quiz? How about that stranger that helped you in a grocery store or in a public transportation? Do you still remember how our parents show their love even if we are hard headed or failed?

We picture and record things that are dynamic and changing specially moments that will excite our emotions.

Kids will remember the actions of their parents on how they treat their partners well. Students will understand how to dance if their instructor will show and demonstrate it. Church members will be convinced if their pastor will show how the preaching is practiced instead of how it is carried and delivered.

Actions are commanding and sincere actions are influencing.

We are not called to be keyboard warriors or just advocates of positivity through words. Humans are destined to show and practice love through action not just sending 14344 or sweet Facebook messages.

Innocent eyes are watching us everywhere. Being careful and cautious is alright but don’t just stagnate there and play safe – do something meaningful.

Go out and be a living testimony of how positive you are.

Don’t settle with sweet words, live and love through sweet actions.

Start teaching others through genuine actions. Keep sharing your gifts or talents by getting out of your cave and interact real time.

Experience physical connections along with your good intentions to show your respect and honor.

With the right positive action, you will deliver the message better.