Unity is better than Division

August 29, 2018 0 By jerichvc

Life is short to spend it in dividing people with unique ideas. I learned years ago that one key in fulfilling our goals was to focus on unity not opinions on division. If we practice it in our homes, churches, offices, politics or even social media then life would be easier and peaceful to live in. Start shifting your mindset from “Me” to “We”.

While attending a dinner party – a set of professionals are discussing their frustrations on a public official. It was full of negative vibes and discontent. Some of them are practicing lawyers and gauging from their words, they made their own research too.

That night I was reminded about unity and division.

A lot of us spend time, effort and energy in airing our frustrations. About politics, it is natural for citizens to be divided by our opinions. But to me, that is not the best solution to move forward as a country. There is a legal and illegal way of venting our concerns. I suggest to take it in a proper forum or body not just in a small discussion talk or social media. It will only spread lies or fake news or worst – negative vibes.

The reason behind why humans focus on division is due to “Me” attitude. We are designed to co-exist and not to persecute. Ideas on peace and unity should be prioritized instead of promoting stronger ideas that divides. Think about “We” instead of “Me” concept.

Stay united and not divided. Be an ambassador of peace.