Time with kids

Time with kids

February 19, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Weekends with your family is rewarding specially for working parents. Last Saturday night, I made a quick (abrupt) decision to go out and swim in a local resort. Of course, kids were excited and made them sleep early. I checked on my inbox to see urgent tasks and so far, the important tasks where marked complete.

When I was young during my elementary years, visiting the beach every weekend is like a perfect and endless day. It’s the best time to prepare for food, play with anyone who is coming and bond with my siblings, playmates and parents.

Most families are in church, some doing some household chores, sleeping, resting or maybe travels. Nothing beats spending weekend with your love ones.

Our time with kids will leave a mark and will reserve a special “space” in their memory. When we all grow old, we reminisce on sweet memories and we remember the laughter and magical moments when we are young. These memories will stay forever and will remain as a lesson and inspiration to our kids.

Little ones will not care about how awesome we are at work. They don’t know about achievements or recognitions in our career life. What Children will know and remember is how much time we spend with them.

Quality time with kids is the best form of love.

It’s not about fully paid tuition fees or top of the line gadgets. When they are young, they will cherish every moment of you playing with them and their toys. I take pride in my style of playing with my 2 daughters. I’ve got this style of going down their level and listening to every instruction they command. I leave my tasks behind a little bit and fool around with my kids just to give them a colorful world with real life interaction – ask about their Mom how splendid we play.

I sometimes laugh at myself doing it, honestly, it’s fun playing with their Doll houses, My Little Ponies, Shopkins, Legos and more. I am aware that when we grow old, they also grow with us. Oh, I also allowed our living room to be kid friendly or messy.

Giving quality time is allowing them to experience creativity.

I remember last Friday night, we were strolling in our neighborhood and we came up with an idea to visit Monina – a batchmate of Janina. It was sudden and good thing her parents are very accommodating and kind to allow my daughters to play in their house. I know 30 minutes is not enough so I requested for an extended time. They enjoyed their play time and of course my bonding time on our way to visit our neighbor is priceless. That’s holding hands while walking by the way.

These days, Facebook time while our kids are requesting to play with us is not quality time. Let’s try to realign our priorities and make sure no childhood time is missed. If you are taking your job, tasks and assignments at home just to finish your work and limiting your time with kids, then please try to reconsider what is more important.

It’s not all about money, career, ministry or yourself. Look at your life and create some VALUE with your kids. If you’re single, look at your family, your love ones (relatives and friends), your special someone – your partner.

Remember, quality time for our kids is a wise form of investment. Spend it sensibly.