Learning in Life by Interaction

Learning in Life by Interaction

March 2, 2017 0 By jerichvc

March 2, 2017

Learning in life by interaction

Learning is non-stop. As long as you live, you learn and you gain experience. No one graduates in learning but a lot of people I know fail and pass. You can easily check how they learn in life by how they interact.

Most of our lives we spend interacting with people. When we communicate with others in whatever form we often assess the other person if he is open or close minded.

Don’t worry about how other people think.

Your interaction with other people is practically your life resource or your inspiration.

That means we are influenced by the people around us. First our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, neighbors and more. They will contribute to how we shape our thinking and how we live our life.

Limiting yourself with a little number of friends or people you know will limit your knowledge. We learn from one another and don’t expect to know a lot of things if you lock yourself up.

Our Creator designed us to co-exist and to spend our lives with a lot of people. It could be hundreds, thousands or maybe million friends. Yes – the more friends you have, the better chance for you to learn more. It is like adding up their experience to your own.

Let me share you something.

There was a lady who is living in fear as she describes it. She is also conscious of what people will think and say about her.  This lady lives in a very confined environment and controlling parents and guardians. Add to that a very strict and over protective atmosphere and she is virtually locked up.  Not allowed to go out, to interact with others, to travel alone, to make big decisions on her own.

She had a lot of life questions and every time she is by herself, she wonders and tries to answer everything. Good thing she is not depressed. There was a chance to talk to her and it’s too early to say if she’s open or close minded – my goal is to learn something and maybe share some words to inspire.

I started to comprehend her setup and one thing that stands out is her learning environment. She lives in her comfort zone where all is provided. The problem I see is that she is lacking experience, perspective and even friends possibly resulting to low social skills.

I can say she is missing the joy of learning and interacting with other people. Staying online or in social media is not counted. Social life is not social media, that’s different.

I learned from that session that we must be bold and confident to face other people and interrelate with unlimited contacts. Our fear of socializing can be conquered by freeing ourselves to express our thoughts and gestures even to strangers.

This is like getting out of our comfort zone.

If we want to learn from others, then we should start listening and opening our minds to people. We should not be alone and we are not designed to be lonely and closed minded.

Be careful though on what you open up. Stay away from gossip and protect your privacy.

I remember egoistic musicians and developers claiming to be self-taught but in reality, they need tutorials from other people to know and practice their craft.

You can’t learn alone because learning is sharing.