Insights from ‘I can only imagine’ film

June 25, 2018 0 By jerichvc

A “monster” Dad, Arthur Millard leaving his last words to his son:

“I never made much money but I have life insurance. I tried to save everything I could. I want you to have that so that you can pay attention to your singing…so you can chase your dream and I want you to catch it. Don’t you ever look back.”

Some insights from the scene:
1. Show grace to your father by forgiving and accepting him
2. Chase your dreams and catch it
3. Let your positive thoughts be heard. Speak and don’t hide it. Positive words builds up one’s soul.

Bonus: Get a life insurance. It will also preserve your legacy.

Edit: His son, Bart Millard and his band MercyMe got numerous #1 songs in the charts.

From the film “I can only imagine” (True Story)