Importance of Values

July 8, 2018 0 By jerichvc

Sharing from Dodong Cacanando’s book:

“People today put so much importance on education but do not give the same attention to developing their character. We believe this is one of the reasons why there is so much chaos in our society; because education without values is a dangerous condition”.

We put emphasis that education is key but good values must be nurtured as a strong foundation. It’s not all about knowledge like the world needs but its more than that. Moral values plays a big part and yet it is often neglected. Parents are the ones responsible in building values and developing character of their kids. Start them early to know the importance of good values as their foundation before they start conquering their studies and future careers.

Google’s unofficial motto is: “Dont’ be evil“. I think its a simple statement for us to follow. No greed, no selfishness, no malice – just pure service to co-workers and friends.

If we have the right values then we have a good key ingredient as responsible humans.