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Staying Positive in the Midst of Storm

I had limited net access + power interruptions since friday so let me share a lesson. I met 2 neighbors near a river and asked them the same question. Do you think we’ll experience flood in the next hour? Neighbor 1 said the river will subside and should stop worrying about it. Neighbor 2 is…

By jerichvc September 16, 2018 0

Unity is better than Division

Life is short to spend it in dividing people with unique ideas. I learned years ago that one key in fulfilling our goals was to focus on unity not opinions on division. If we practice it in our homes, churches, offices, politics or even social media then life would be easier and peaceful to live…

By jerichvc August 29, 2018 0

Student Forever

Let me share my secret. I learn from other’s perfections or mistakes directly and indirectly. I read books, observe, listen, communicate to “all walks of life”, create bonds and make new friends. In today’s DIY (do-it-yourself) mindset, majority will not acknowledge or recognize their mentor because pride and ego prevents it. It is written, “Nothing…

By jerichvc July 28, 2018 0