Being Busy and Idle at the Same Time

Being Busy and Idle at the Same Time

June 28, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Have ever thought you are busy and idle at the same time?

That’s possible by doing things you don’t really love. Imagine spending a portion of life doing it because you required but in the end, you feel empty and maybe thought of being used and abused.

It really is important to know your purpose in every endeavor you choose. Don’t spend a lot of time to big things you think it will make you famous or rich. In every adventure, small details and detours really make it meaningful.

Stop being idle by identifying your purpose and acting or living by it.

You’ve got to discover more and use your power to achieve small things or step on little stones to complete your mission. Remember this is your life and your time to spend, not ours.

I know a lot of younger millennials who are lost in direction and just want to spend on travel and gadgets and hopping on beautiful places just to get likes and reactions in social media.

I am not against your definition of happiness but the real question is your purpose why you are doing it. Is it to please people you don’t even know just to get the “likes” and reactions you need?

Stop being idle by appearing to be busy with the things you love but still feeling unfilled inside.

Being busy doesn’t make you productive. It is safe to say you are only occupied. Get out of deadlock and create some worth with the people you love.

It is not all about the money, likes, fame or position you have. I believe it’s about creating some substance in life and adding some value.

Try assessing yourself on how you spend most of your time. Are you using it for work? Social media? Ministry? Computer games? Dig deeper on your real-life purpose and fulfill it.

I assume you’ve read about Steve Jobs’ speech – confirmed or not, try to read the message.

Is it good to be busy and idle at the same time? The short answer is no.

Living a fantastic life in the midst of a cruel and unfair world erases doubts on how busy or idle you are.