When You Are Happy And They Are Not

When You Are Happy And They Are Not

May 28, 2017 0 By jerichvc

I was eating my late dinner and overheard a webinar speaker. She said, “If I saw someone posting negative posts in my facebook timeline, I unfriend them. If it’s a rant, a political point of view that is negative – I get them off my list of friends. ”

That’s a good suggestion by the way. Start “unfriending” them and it will ease your senses.

We all have that friend in social media ranting and shouting in posts depressingly. Sometimes they complain about politics, about their own problems, about what they see around them – all undesirable.

If you know someone lurking around you and steals your joy then start distancing yourself away from them.

If you entertain negativity in your life, it will consume you.

Are you that person, stealing someone’s joy and happiness? When you see your loved ones happy and then you get selfish and start to consume and distract them all of a sudden? Start changing your mind and make yourself better not bitter.

When we are happy, we develop ourselves better. Creative touch kicks in, we become efficient, we start to sing or dance, we improve our personality and many more.

The power for us to choose the people around us is within our control. We choose them and if they keep coming and bash us, just stand straight and ignore what needs to be ignored.

Unhappy people think more of themselves and what they can get instead of what they can give. Naturally, they are selfish in nature and think of themselves as perfect and wise. But the truth is, they sap your happy and positive energy and that what makes them happy temporarily but in the end, they are still empty.

I recommend negative and unhappy people to stay away from your selfish self and start encouraging yourself to be on the happy side. Don’t overthink too much and you still have hope to live in a positive mindset. Start it by giving and appreciating what is present in you.

Life is really short to dwell in an unhappy environment. Stay happy, it’s the best choice anyway.