When wrong timing is right timing

When wrong timing is right timing

February 17, 2017 0 By jerichvc

I was prompted about timing; good timing I guess.

Timing according to google is the choice, judgement, or control of when something should be done.

We all need patience when we talk about time. Right timing is right moment. Time is gold and every tick counts and must not be wasted. Right timing is essential.

In stock investments, if you buy at the wrong time even with the right funds, that’s considered wrong entry. In stock trading, if your timing is wrong and you get impatient, then you are missing the opportunity of locking in your gains.

In relationships, most of you are familiar with the lyrics: “we have the right love at the wrong time”. In baking, right timing is an ingredient. In driving, right timing is flawless safety. In music, if the timing is wrong, its noise. The list is endless.

Right timing in life is different. There is no need to rush and stress ourselves just to get our requests. Right time will come and it will happen on time. This also applies to “love birds” out there. Don’t procrastinate and don’t rush things. Just in like in baking, if its half-baked the result is different or disaster.

What happens if our timing is wrong? It will not happen. Simple, right?

The Master of our time knows when it will happen, promotion, getting married, reunited or reconnected, job applications, closing deals and more. Appreciate every moment why things happen even if its outside our schedule.

Sometimes, we are not yet ready. Ever experience something where you think the timing is right but it’s wrong? Give more time for it to grow. Be patient and don’t rush. We all know the feeling and it’s frustrating to some degree. Over time, we will soon understand it has purpose why it is delayed or too early.

Stay on track and be prepared if we are expecting something. Closing our minds to follow and be strict on our own timeline is limiting creativity. Why stick to your own time and force everything according to our will? Time is our best friend.

Don’t be upset if we fall into wrong timing. These days, people are all rushing in and if you try to understand it – we rush for shallow reasons.

Consider all wrong timing was right timing. It might frustrate, hurt and discourage us but it the end, it’s worth the wait.

Smile. Not all wrong timing is wrong in its entirety, we will understand everything in the right time.