What we need to know about Negas

What we need to know about Negas

February 11, 2017 0 By jerichvc

We live in a place where negative and positive minded people exist. Optimist, pessimist, active, passive whatever you call it God designed it that way.

Negative people or I’ll call them “nega or Negas” exists with a purpose. Trust me, it will bring out the best in all of us.

Negas will always think of extremes and will lose battles and decisions in their mind and will affect the real world or people around them. Negas live in fear and think they are perfect and deserves an absolute and perfect life.

Reading from this point onward, they will try to ask themselves if they are Negas or not. Good thing if they can finish reading this post though. Negas also live in doubt and they don’t won’t believe anything unless they see it. Once they see it happen with their own eyes, Negas are still unsure and will over think every little detail.

Negas will try and exert all their effort to make everyone around them sad. If they see happy people, of course they will doubt it’s not genuine and its hypocrisy. Negas hide and operate on the background. Sometimes they are happy but will convince themselves they are not.

Negas live in fear, doubt and perfection.

Be careful of Negas, they will bring you down to their level. They will argue, debate and engage you to stoop down to their non-sense conversation. It is their goal to satisfy and prove to themselves that all the fear and doubts are all true.

If you are a Nega or one of the Negas, you are wasting your life and limiting your full potential. We understand you are being yourself but your time is much better spent in appreciating what life has to offer.

Negas are bitter and can’t move on from the past. They corrupt their own mind believing it was everyone’s fault and will think it’s unfair and they don’t deserve it. If you encounter one down the road or in social media – walk away, ignore or don’t engage head on. Stay away from their level because you will be trapped in an endless cycle of negativity.

Negas awfully overthink and they recognize everyone around them is a loser but in reality, they are the real loser.

By the way, if at this point you think you’re a Nega, it’s not yet too late to change. There is hope and follow the path of a happy man.

Negas need everyone’s help only if they allow it. Some positive people uses the reverse psychology technique. Go search in google and try it if it works.

I am reminded to write about Negas about a simple story. Allow me to share it from my memory.

There were 2 hunters who went on to travel and spend their time in a remote area. One hunter has a pet dog and his master – the positive hunter is very proud. One time, positive hunter took a shot on a flying bird and boasted to negative hunter he can hit the target and his pet will pick the bird and arrange it on his basket. Negative hunter shook his head and won’t believe it. Every time the positive hunter brags awesome things the hunter dog does; negative hunter rejects and doubt it. On the last part of their hunting on a lake, positive hunter hit a bird, and instructs his hunter dog to pick it. The hunter dog jumps out of the boat, WALKS on the water, picks up the bird, returned to his master and sits down. Positive hunter was thrilled and said, “did you see my pet walked on the water?” The negative hunter replied, “Yes, but he can’t even swim!”

Negas will always see the bad things and will continue to live in fear and doubt even if a miracle in front of them already happened or is happening.

Don’t entertain negativity because Negas don’t like people around them to be happy.

Negas will continue to blame, condemn, doubt, dislike, hate and fear everyone and everything.

We need Negas to sharpen our skills in positive living. They need our encouragement, our prayers, our support and lastly our love.

Are you a Nega? Start thinking positive and always see the good side.

Are you a doubter? Stop verifying your doubts are correct because that thought is in a different dimension. Quit proving your doubt is true because you are wasting your life and disturbing everyone.

Do you live in fear? Don’t stress yourself thinking the unthinkable.

It’s never too late to change your mind and live a positive life. Assess yourself and stop blaming others. Reconnect your soul with our Creator.

Negas deserve a positive life. Choose to be happy.