Starting it Right

Starting it Right

January 1, 2017 0 By jerichvc

Hello 2017.

As we start the year, we have 365 days up ahead all brand new. Yes like a new notebook, organizer, or maybe drawing pad. That’s a lot of opportunity to make it right or maybe start something from scratch. I believe every great end comes from a humble start. It does not have to commence in a big and explosive start. No blings, no drama and maybe no excuses. We simply just want to start it right.

In this generation of social media, I have observed a lot of obstacles or challenges derailing us from the true meaning of life. Every tick counts and must not be wasted, after all we can’t redeem time. This will establish a cycle of non-sense if we launch something that is problematic – bad start. That something could be education, a business, a career, an investment decision or anything that has been knocking at you in a form of vision or maybe a dream.

We need to do and set up something right to make all things meaningful and ultimately finish it with a blast. Always bear in mind we should start small and finish it big. Set aside the problems on how we finish it big, the important thing is we wake up from our dreams and initiate to fulfill them fully awake not by sleeping.

If we browse through our online social media timeline, or news feeds we are robbing ourselves from the opportunity of starting it right. We can’t fill our brand new 2017 lingering in the past and browsing other’s Facebook timeline the whole time. I don’t recommend it because that method is unethical and incomplete.


Removing distraction sets your vision to the right direction. These days we need to focus – it is a necessity specially in our online generation. Remember the magnifying glass if set under the sun it will at least burn anything under it once focused? If we need to start it right we have to focus and eliminate any negative vibe, disruptions, non sense entertainment. Decrease your time in browsing social media, reading fictional materials, watching unhelpful videos like anime, playing online games and many more.

If we spend time and focus to something we need for our own advancement then we are starting it right. Equipping ourselves for our own good and later on for others is extremely important.


Starting or doing something without a purpose is wasting life. I first encountered the meaning of purpose from a spiritual perspective when a dedicated woman of God named Ate Estrelle gave me a book: Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I would recommend it to those who haven’t read the book and the message is inspiring. If we don’t know our life purpose, then we can’t start something right and end something big. Discover your own life purpose by sincerely looking to yourself and begin assessing the real you.

There are many unique ways to this, one is creating a “Me-time” where you and yourself alone will bond. Travel and visit places dear to you, go to parks, lock in your prayer room, some reminisce inside the cr, go at the roof top just to name a few. Just remember to be safe, bring extra money, bring your mobile phone for emergency not for facebook or social media. It’s about “Me-time” and focus is a requirement.

Set Goals

Knowing your purpose in life and the ability to focus will result to better goals you can set. Arrange some goals in short, medium and long timeframe. No need to keep it complicated, again just keep it simple and attainable of course. Write some notes or store goals in your heart not just in your memory.  Identifying your destination or maybe your goals will guide and keep you on track to effortlessly start something right. That’s because you are setting up your mindset to attain something no matter how easy or hard.

Go set goals and stay positive about it. Never hesitate to make it small or big just start it and do it consistently.

Don’t please other people. This is your goal and not theirs.

Starting it right simply means moving on the right direction away from our comfort zone. First, gather yourself and focus wisely. Next is to make your life purpose simple and clear. Finally, set your goals and achieve them one step at a time.

Living our 2017 is leaving our old self. Yes that’s right, like brand new you.

We can be better and bolder if we apply the faith of doing it in humble beginnings. Start it right.

Cheers to you and your awesome 2017.