Spend time with a Book and not Facebook

Spend time with a Book and not Facebook

May 27, 2017 0 By jerichvc

If you have idle time, reading a book is better than “spending” your time in Facebook. In social media, you get distracted. You may pick up a lot of quotes or inspirations and stories but it will not stay long in your mind and won’t even penetrate your soul.

You can even re-post or share, like or react.  But when you take your time to read an interesting book, you get the chance to absorb and focus better on what is in front of you – knowledge.

Did you know that wise guys read more instead of hanging out in social media? Go figure. Why spend time liking and viewing endless photos or reading comments in the first place. I am not saying it’s bad for you, but if you overdo, it’s not productive for you.

I overheard my 2 daughters talking few minutes ago.

Janina: Nakita ko si daddy nagre-read…
Jeirah: …kasi gusto nya maging smart!
Me: (paused, flips to next page and chapter)

Living by example.

Grow up wise and consume what is essential. Let’s read more and be smart.

* Books taken December 2015