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Easy Investing

The concept of investing is supposed to be easy. No need to make it technical and complicated because if we do, then we scare potential investors and people remain plain consumers the rest of their lives. -jvc

By jerichvc March 3, 2019 0

Money is Not Everything

I read a post regarding inflation, crumbling economy and some market crashes. It reminds me when God created the world, no cash, no crypto or whatever – man will naturally survive. When “profit” becomes priority it will corrupt even the holiest heart. Money is not everything.

By jerichvc August 27, 2018 0

Human Behavior and Finance

Humans are known to improvise in order to survive. The bank system is already flawed and that inspired the rise of bitcoin or digital currency (assets) It will happen of course. But at this point, Kiyosaki is boldly stating many years ago about the crash and thats a little bit bias because he markets (his)…

By jerichvc August 1, 2018 0

Money and Wealth

Money is not everything but certainly its everyone’s requirement. I heard days ago, about a man winning the lottery for at least 100 million. Wow! That’s a dream come true for him and that’s awesome. Money can be both a curse and a blessing. Wealth according to google is defined as an abundance of valuable…

By jerichvc January 31, 2017 0