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Trick or Treat or Threat?

For the past few weeks I positioned myself and set my mind to learn from Entrepreneurs engaged in various field and industry. There are tricks, treats and threats I personally experienced and I extracted insights from it so please allow me to share. Tricks:There is a thin line between business life and personal life. We…

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Easy Investing

The concept of investing is supposed to be easy. No need to make it technical and complicated because if we do, then we scare potential investors and people remain plain consumers the rest of their lives. -jvc

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Last Quarter of 2018

Originally posted for Facebook Group: “Ilocandia Investments and Insurance Group” Good evening. October 1 na bukas, meaning malapit na ang pasko, peak season ahead, bonuses getting warm and yes – last quarter na ng 2018. Kung may friend pa kayo or prospect na hindi insured, be persistent and sige lang sa pag follow-up. Kung nasa…

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Privacy and Security in Real Life

I’m keeping this short – I’m in the middle of a Digital Marketing class (since last week). Privacy and security is crucial and we only have limited control – that’s the reality now. I’m sure you’ve already read the security update from FB and after reading their official statement, this caught my attention: “We also…

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Human Behavior and Finance

Humans are known to improvise in order to survive. The bank system is already flawed and that inspired the rise of bitcoin or digital currency (assets) It will happen of course. But at this point, Kiyosaki is boldly stating many years ago about the crash and thats a little bit bias because he markets (his)…

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Execution and Excuses

‘Execution’ and ‘Excuse’ are two different forces living in us. Both are interconnected and yields a unique result. Do you experience a sudden understanding of an idea or a valuable insight? Use the right force and thank yourself later. – jvc

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Importance of Values

Sharing from Dodong Cacanando’s book: “People today put so much importance on education but do not give the same attention to developing their character. We believe this is one of the reasons why there is so much chaos in our society; because education without values is a dangerous condition”. We put emphasis that education is…

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Learn Together

There is so much to learn in life and we only have limited resources like time and energy. I believe the best approach is to focus on what you are called to do, surround yourself with passionate individuals to complement you and set aside fear. To learn, we need others just as they need us.

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