Why a Father is Important

Why a Father is Important

June 18, 2017 0 By jerichvc

A father is a person leading his own family, he is a real man.

Real fathers will fulfill their role well in a family unit. You name it – as provider, protector, priest, friend etc. Real fathers wear a lot of hats.

They say, A daddy will always be a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero. We look up to our father even if they are not perfect.

A father is the first one to cheer us to be strong and stand on our own. A father may not be as emotional as a mother but he is providing emotional stability.

I am fortunate to be raised by a cool father. What I learned from him is to listen more instead of talking often.

When young kids with a real father is raised in a balanced environment it will create a steady family in the future. A father’s role can never be replaced by anyone or anything.

A father is important because he is the best example to follow and our primary guide. He may not be talkative as our mom but their actions are visible and that every message delivered is strong.

A father is important because they show us how to move forward when needed. In times of difficulties in life or problems ahead, they will remind us to be courageous and attack every issue head on.

A father is important because they deliver us with our basic needs. His role is to provide everything a family needs – protection, provisions, financial needs, emotional support and sometimes even “wants”.

A father’s responsibility is to lead his own family to God. That is important to nurture his family’s spiritual needs.

If a father believes that you as his child can conquer anything then trust his words, maybe he’s been there done that.

A father, like bridge – provides passage over hindrance and will connect you to your dreams.

Respect and love to all father’s out there. Salute.